I have been thinking of buying a UV Sterilizer for so long but due to budget constraints, I wasn’t able to buy one. I was saving money so I can finally buy an ECOMOM UV Sterilizer which costs around 12,000-13,500 excluding shipping fee.

But last December, Mighty Baby PH had a Giveaway in their Instagram Account. There were 4 Major Prizes : I-Angel Magic 7 worth Php5,999 , K-Mom diapers and wipes worth Php2,500 , Ecomom White worth Php12,000 and Creamy Seat Cushion worth Php4,500. In order to win, a family member or a friend must nominate and tag his/her chosen friend who deserves to receive such gifts and luckily I won! I won because my little brother tagged me and gave out his reason why I should win in Mighty Baby PH’s Christmas Giveaway.

Last Tuesday, my prize was delivered by the courier and yes, I am so happy and excited and was about to cry because this is a gift that my heart truly wants and my baby really needs.

Ecomom is the first of its kind to sterilize and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria using UV-C light. Ecomom has a PTC heater fan that dries residual humid air and moisture using ventilation dry heater.
I immediately tried Ecomom right away. I put Ella’s favorite toys inside and sterilized them for 15minutes.
It can also sterilize remote controls, phones, teething toys, utensils and more.

What I really love about Ecomom so far is that I am able to do other things while sterilizing. Aside from the fact that it is easy and safe to use, Ecomom has no risk of burns because it does not use steam or hot water.

Tips for using ECOMOM : Shake off excess water before placing inside the Ecomom and spread apart evenly to maximise the exposure to UV light.

There are 3 Models namely : ECO 33 (Php12,000) , ECO 22 (Php13,500) and ECO 70KA (Php15,000). UV Sterilizer is a good investment for you and for your baby. Believe me, you truly need this one product that can help you eliminate harmful bacteria inside your home.

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