I started a blog 10 years ago, I created a blog because back then I thought having a blog would give me more chances of winning in online contests and giveaways but it never occurred to me that I will eventually earn from it and that it will give me happiness.

This blog – Joanne Gonzales – is where I want to share my learning about life in general. This blog will be about my journey through motherhood, how I was able to survive it. I will also share here my life being a military wife and hacks on how to keep the love burning through Long Distance Relationship. I am an entrepreneur so I will also share the hows and whys of running a business from time to time. 

I believe that :

Life has no rewinds, no forwards, no pauses and no replays. That we should live your life as it is. Let us not dwell in the past, let us not think of the future, we should LIVE our life in the present. Let us appreciate what we have right now, let us not feel sorry for the past, let us be hopeful for the Future and let us LIVE our life today.