Pepper Lunch Dinner with the CDO Bloggers

I was invited to celebrate Pinoy Fiesta dinner with CDO Bloggers at Pepper Lunch. Pepper Lunch launch Pinoy Fiesta as the newest addition to their menu, the Lechon Pepper Rice and Sisig Pepper Rice. It was my first time to dine at this Posh Restaurant. I ordered for the Sisig Pepper Rice because I love sisig and I really want to try Pepper Lunch’s version of it.
I was delighted because the Sisig Pepper Rice tastes delicious and though I am not a great fan of Sisig with eggs, this one turned out alright. And though I ordered for the Sisig Pepper Rice, I was able to try out the Lechon Pepper Rice too. The Lechon tastes great but I missed the Crispy Skin, I hope they could serve it too.
Of course, dinner will not be perfect without dessert so I saved a space in my tummy for this delicious frozen delight.
I had a great night and time with the CDO Bloggers and I am glad that I have said yes to this wonderful event because I was able to try out Pepper Lunch’s food. I would be back anytime soon and bring my family and friends to have a chitchat over lunch or dinner because I was satisfied with their food. But before I end this post, I would love to share this Solo Photo of me at Pepper Lunch and a photo of me with the ever beautiful Ara Arida whom we bumped into when we had our Dinner at Pepper Lunch.

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