My Kaamulan Street Dancing Experience

I am very glad that I have attended this year’s Kaamulan Street Dancing Competition even though I missed the first day of the 2-days event.

I am not a professional photographer, I am not good at taking pictures compared to my friends who really work hard to master their skills in photography. Sometimes I capture great photos maybe because I am lucky, and sometimes they are blurry, blunt and out of focus. But let me share with you some of mg favorite photos that I, myself took that day.

This first photo shows a sad, beautiful lady rider. Some people may know her, some doesn’t recognize her, but when I saw her I felt in my heart the pain she was experiencing that day. She is the youngest daughter of the late Mayor Mario T Okinlay. Everybody knows what happened to the good Mayor that’s why everybody will understand why this lady rider is crying during Bukidnon’s Centennial Kaamulan Festival.


Let me show you two photos that I took during the Kaamulan Street Dancing. These photos are unedited and I uploaded straight from my Canon 450D. I love these beautiful photos because these women portrayed well their roles that day in order to win for that Competition.

I am amazed and fascinated at the same time as to how the choreographers managed to train these many people to dance and chant their heart out in order to give everybody a good show. Oh well, choreographers and trainors are good at training and teaching different group of people because it is their talent.


I sure had FUN during the Kaamulan Festival Centennial Celebration!

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