Higalaay Festival 2014 – Mobile Photography Seminar

I have joined the Mobile Photography Seminar sponsored by Smart. There were two speakers on that day, Mr. Froilan Gallardo and Mr. Fourth Legara.

Sir Froilan Gallardo talked about Composition and the Language of the Image. According to Sir Froilan there should be a center of interest, that one principal idea or topic to which the viewer’s eye are attracted. He also talked about the exemptions, the rule of thirds, the balancing elements, among other things. But one thing that he said that I will never forget is that “You should shoot from the heart”.


Sir Fourth Legara’s topic was about Mobile Photography. Everyone is a photographer because almost everyone owns a cellphone with a built-in camera. According to Sir Fourth if you want to have that beautiful photo by using your camera phones you can try these tricks : exaggerate, get the best angle, get closer to the subject, use different filters and pray and be patient. I can get some good photos by just using my camera phone but when Sir Fourth talked about his topic, I was caught off guard because android phones have better settings compared to my iPhone. They have so many settings that their android phones can be compared to digital cameras already.

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