Pangantucan Bukidnon Float

Say hello to Pangantucan Bukidnon’s float during Kaamulan Centennial Festival Street Dancing and Float presentation last August 30-31, 2014.

Some people might be wondering why there is a horse in out float, well, for Pangantucanons, the horse represent our municipality. Our history revolves around that white horse who saved our village/municipality back then. Our forefathers have shared the story that white horse was called Pangantuca and that it saved the whole village from the war that emerged that time.


I took this photo using my iPhone 5S because I don’t have a better picture with my dslr. Please bear with me ( the trying hard photographer ).

Laga Ta Centennial Queen Winner Dethroned?

“The provincial government has taken back the crown from Laga ta Bukidnon 2014 (Ms Bukidnon Centennial) winner, Ms Marah Luz Smith of Malaybalay City, allegedly because she is an American citizen.” – From MINDANEWS.COM

I do not know if the Provincial Government already dethroned our Laga Ta Centennial Queen Marah Smith because I do not work in any government office but I have read a lot of Facebook statuses and a lot of people have shared the mindanews page which says that Marah Smith’s crown was indeed taken back verbally.

I am from Pangantucan Bukidnon, we also have our Laga Ta contestant, but I believe that Marah Smith deserves the Laga Ta Centennial Queen title. I have heard (so you can call it hearsays) that when Marah Smith joined the pageant, some municipalities have already questioned her citizenship, the Provincial Tourism Board should have decided right there and then to stop Marah Smith from joining the pageant to avoid problems like what we are facing right now. Marah Smith was qualified to join the Laga Ta Centennial Queen pageant so why take back the crown now? Just because a lot of people posted and commented in Facebook why she won when in fact she is not a Filipino Citizen doesn’t makes sense. Marah Smith’s mother is Filipina and that made her a Filipino Citizen even though she wasn’t born here in our country. This is PUBLIC HUMILIATION. Marah Smith deserves the crown, if you have seen her during the Laga Ta Centennial Queen Beauty Pageant night you will be amazed by how she managed to win the crown. 21 contestants from different municipalities here in Bukidnon vied for the crown but only Marah Smith deserves it. Yes, you can say that your contestant is good or great, nobody can stop Marah Smith from winning because she have it all.


I am one of those who believe that Marah Smith should not be dethroned because she is the only one who deserves to be called Laga Ta Centennial Queen among the 21 contestants from different municipalities!