My Kaamulan Street Dancing Experience

I am very glad that I have attended this year’s Kaamulan Street Dancing Competition even though I missed the first day of the 2-days event.

I am not a professional photographer, I am not good at taking pictures compared to my friends who really work hard to master their skills in photography. Sometimes I capture great photos maybe because I am lucky, and sometimes they are blurry, blunt and out of focus. But let me share with you some of mg favorite photos that I, myself took that day.

This first photo shows a sad, beautiful lady rider. Some people may know her, some doesn’t recognize her, but when I saw her I felt in my heart the pain she was experiencing that day. She is the youngest daughter of the late Mayor Mario T Okinlay. Everybody knows what happened to the good Mayor that’s why everybody will understand why this lady rider is crying during Bukidnon’s Centennial Kaamulan Festival.


Let me show you two photos that I took during the Kaamulan Street Dancing. These photos are unedited and I uploaded straight from my Canon 450D. I love these beautiful photos because these women portrayed well their roles that day in order to win for that Competition.

I am amazed and fascinated at the same time as to how the choreographers managed to train these many people to dance and chant their heart out in order to give everybody a good show. Oh well, choreographers and trainors are good at training and teaching different group of people because it is their talent.


I sure had FUN during the Kaamulan Festival Centennial Celebration!

Pangantucan Bukidnon Float

Say hello to Pangantucan Bukidnon’s float during Kaamulan Centennial Festival Street Dancing and Float presentation last August 30-31, 2014.

Some people might be wondering why there is a horse in out float, well, for Pangantucanons, the horse represent our municipality. Our history revolves around that white horse who saved our village/municipality back then. Our forefathers have shared the story that white horse was called Pangantuca and that it saved the whole village from the war that emerged that time.


I took this photo using my iPhone 5S because I don’t have a better picture with my dslr. Please bear with me ( the trying hard photographer ).

Laga Ta Centennial Queen Winner Dethroned?

“The provincial government has taken back the crown from Laga ta Bukidnon 2014 (Ms Bukidnon Centennial) winner, Ms Marah Luz Smith of Malaybalay City, allegedly because she is an American citizen.” – From MINDANEWS.COM

I do not know if the Provincial Government already dethroned our Laga Ta Centennial Queen Marah Smith because I do not work in any government office but I have read a lot of Facebook statuses and a lot of people have shared the mindanews page which says that Marah Smith’s crown was indeed taken back verbally.

I am from Pangantucan Bukidnon, we also have our Laga Ta contestant, but I believe that Marah Smith deserves the Laga Ta Centennial Queen title. I have heard (so you can call it hearsays) that when Marah Smith joined the pageant, some municipalities have already questioned her citizenship, the Provincial Tourism Board should have decided right there and then to stop Marah Smith from joining the pageant to avoid problems like what we are facing right now. Marah Smith was qualified to join the Laga Ta Centennial Queen pageant so why take back the crown now? Just because a lot of people posted and commented in Facebook why she won when in fact she is not a Filipino Citizen doesn’t makes sense. Marah Smith’s mother is Filipina and that made her a Filipino Citizen even though she wasn’t born here in our country. This is PUBLIC HUMILIATION. Marah Smith deserves the crown, if you have seen her during the Laga Ta Centennial Queen Beauty Pageant night you will be amazed by how she managed to win the crown. 21 contestants from different municipalities here in Bukidnon vied for the crown but only Marah Smith deserves it. Yes, you can say that your contestant is good or great, nobody can stop Marah Smith from winning because she have it all.


I am one of those who believe that Marah Smith should not be dethroned because she is the only one who deserves to be called Laga Ta Centennial Queen among the 21 contestants from different municipalities!

Higalaay Festival 2014 – Mobile Photography Seminar

I have joined the Mobile Photography Seminar sponsored by Smart. There were two speakers on that day, Mr. Froilan Gallardo and Mr. Fourth Legara.

Sir Froilan Gallardo talked about Composition and the Language of the Image. According to Sir Froilan there should be a center of interest, that one principal idea or topic to which the viewer’s eye are attracted. He also talked about the exemptions, the rule of thirds, the balancing elements, among other things. But one thing that he said that I will never forget is that “You should shoot from the heart”.


Sir Fourth Legara’s topic was about Mobile Photography. Everyone is a photographer because almost everyone owns a cellphone with a built-in camera. According to Sir Fourth if you want to have that beautiful photo by using your camera phones you can try these tricks : exaggerate, get the best angle, get closer to the subject, use different filters and pray and be patient. I can get some good photos by just using my camera phone but when Sir Fourth talked about his topic, I was caught off guard because android phones have better settings compared to my iPhone. They have so many settings that their android phones can be compared to digital cameras already.


THEME – The Live All Out CDO Mobile Photography Contest will be all about the Kagay-anon spirit this August, with a fun-filled City Fiesta as the overall theme.

Categories can include any of the following:

  • Kagay-an Festival – Street Dance, Fluvial Parade, Fireworks Display, etc.
  • I CDO – what you love about our City
  • Kagay-anon Foodscapes – the story behind local delicacies and foodie favorites
  • Live All Out CDO – celebrating the “LiveAllOut” event experience
  • Higalaay selfie – share your selfies wearing the official Higalaay shirt


  • Participants must register using a Smart mobile number.
  • Participants must have android, IOS or windows mobile phones.
  • SMART employees are restricted from participating in the contest.

1. All photos must be taken within the Higalaay Festival period: August 13 to 28, 2014. Photos showing incorrect time /date will be disqualified.
2. Only photos taken using mobile phone cameras will be accepted. Transfer of photos from digital cameras to their smart phones is not allowed.
3. No printed photos will be accepted.
4. Photo entries must not have watermarks.
5. Photos that have been entered in previous contests will no longer be accepted.
6. All editing must be done with the mobile phone. All photos should be in color (no black & white or monochrome, no sepia).
7. By joining, participants signify that they have the rights to the photo. The photographer also gives Smart Communications, Inc. the right to use the photo entry for materials related to the photo contest and the Festival.
8. Deadline for submission is on August 28, 11:59PM.
9. Top photographers will be notified via email and will be asked to submit original copies of the photo.



  •  Visual Impact 30%
  •  Ability to grab the viewers’ attention, wow factor
  •  Theme 30%
  •  Relevance to the over-all theme, message of the photo
  •  Creativity/Composition/Originality 20%
  •  Concept, incorporating unique and original point of view, interesting techniques
  •  Technical Excellence 20%
  •  Photo Quality, Sharpness, Exposure, Clarity of objects


  •  Grand prize: Nokia Lumia 1020
  •  2nd prize: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera
  •  3rd prize: Camera accessories
  •  Special prizes will also be given to the Top 10 best photos and the best photos for each category


Higalaay: Kagay-an Festival 2014 Schedule

  •  Kumbira (August 13 to 15, 2014 at the Limketkai Mall Atrium)
  •  Kagay-an Festival Marathon (August 17, 2014 at Centrio Mall)
  •  Cowboy Festival (August 22 to 24, at Roa Property, P.N. Roa Avenue)
  •  Kahimunan Northern Mindanao 2014 (August 23 to 30 at SM City CDO)
  •  Miss Cagayan de Oro 2014 Coronation Night (August 23 at Limketkai Center Atrium)
  •  Street Dancing: Cagayan de Oro Carnival (August 24 2 p.m.)
  •  P.E. Rhythmic Dance Competition (August 25 at Pelaez Sports Center 7 a.m.)
  •  Kagay-an Pyro Festival (August 25, 9 p.m. at SM City)
  •  Higalas Parade (August 27 from Rodelsa Circle to Limketkai Center)
  •  Religious procession (August 28, 6 a.m. at St. Augustine Cathedral)
  •  Fluvial Parade (August 28, 10 a.m. from Macabalan to Duaw Kagay-an Park

Celebrate a Purr-Fect Hello Kitty Birthday with Jollibee Kids Party

Nothing says happy birthday like a fun-filled party with friends, delicious food, exciting games and surprises. Now, mommies and daddies can make their little princesses’ special day even more memorable with a Hello Kitty-themed Jollibee Kids Party.

The birthday girl and her guests will surely be tickled pink by the special Hello Kitty birthday cake, as well as the party hats, loot bags, invitations and other awesome party favors featuring the beloved cartoon character. Parents can make the celebration even more festive with colorful balloons, decorations and game prizes, plus a special appearance by the lovable Jollibee.

We were invited by Jollibee to celebrate a Purr-fect Hello Kitty-themed Jollibee Kids Party and we enjoyed it. I have booked 3 Jollibee Kids party for the last 5 years but Hello Kitty wasn’t available at that time. Jollibee Kids Party offers other fun themes aside from Hello Kitty.


Celebrate with Hello Kitty and book a Jollibee Kids Party for your kid now, visit your nearest Jollibee Store or log on to for more details.

Here are some of the photos we had during the Hello Kitty Birthday Party.


Pepper Lunch Dinner with the CDO Bloggers

I was invited to celebrate Pinoy Fiesta dinner with CDO Bloggers at Pepper Lunch. Pepper Lunch launch Pinoy Fiesta as the newest addition to their menu, the Lechon Pepper Rice and Sisig Pepper Rice. It was my first time to dine at this Posh Restaurant. I ordered for the Sisig Pepper Rice because I love sisig and I really want to try Pepper Lunch’s version of it.
I was delighted because the Sisig Pepper Rice tastes delicious and though I am not a great fan of Sisig with eggs, this one turned out alright. And though I ordered for the Sisig Pepper Rice, I was able to try out the Lechon Pepper Rice too. The Lechon tastes great but I missed the Crispy Skin, I hope they could serve it too.
Of course, dinner will not be perfect without dessert so I saved a space in my tummy for this delicious frozen delight.
I had a great night and time with the CDO Bloggers and I am glad that I have said yes to this wonderful event because I was able to try out Pepper Lunch’s food. I would be back anytime soon and bring my family and friends to have a chitchat over lunch or dinner because I was satisfied with their food. But before I end this post, I would love to share this Solo Photo of me at Pepper Lunch and a photo of me with the ever beautiful Ara Arida whom we bumped into when we had our Dinner at Pepper Lunch.

Photo Credits to

Kataste Inferno

I am a hot sauce FAN. I think we all are. Some of us like it hotter and some just like it mild spicy. But all in all, it really depends on how much we can tolerate and take in into our digestive system. I don’t like my Pizza and Burger when there is no hot sauce available to pair it with. Of course, the sizzling sisig wont be that yummy if there is no hot sauce available in the restaurant to put into it. I could make a long list of food that will not be perfect if you don’t have a hot sauce by its side, but first, let me introduce this local product made available into the market by today : Kataste Inferno. Yes it is SOOOO HOT and it is delicious in a way too.
Kataste Inferno treated us (The CDO Bloggers) at Cafe Bonita Burgers just so we could have a taste of heaven on earth. Well, for people like me, who loves hot sauce, this is HEAVEN. It is available in the market right now and you can even contact them through their facebook account here : KaTaste Inferno FB PAGE. I will be visiting Cagayan de Oro this week and I will surely buy 2 boxes of Kataste Inferno for self-consumption and maybe taste tester for my friends too. By the way this hot sauce is much cheaper compared to the ones you can easily find in the local grocery stores.